Three Types of Responses

Originally published about 10 years ago. Thank you!

Every week, I get several "Friend Requests" from people I've never met or heard of. I think they might be the type that browse by zip code and start adding people randomly because they're mostly from town.

Anyway, before adding them, I send them an email asking for three reasons about why I should add them. That almost always generates 3 types of responses. (The exception being, friends of friends, I add them without question.)

  1. I don't take MySpace that seriously to respond.
  2. I didn't mean to add you. I thought you were Bob's friend.
  3. Jerk!!!

The funny thing is, Type number one usually has the best profile. She/He has music, colorful backgrounds, about ten bazillion friends, and hundreds of comments. So type number one, is that how you'd like to start our eternal and deeply meaningful MySpace friendship? On an obvious hypocrisy!

Type number two, you are lying. But it's OK. I don't know you.

Type number three, I think, feels that I should be privileged that she/he added me. They feel shocked when I ask them for the three reasons. Well type number three, when walking down the street, do you approach people randomly and ask them to be your friends? do you?

Maybe I'm taking this more seriously than I should, but that's because I take my friends seriously. Each one of them has a priceless influence on my life and they add meaning to it.

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