Three Short Must Reads

Originally published about 10 years ago. Thank you!

I think we always need something to remind us to use common sense. If that weren't true, we wouldn't have all these best selling books about self improvement.

These books are basically an elaborate expansion of common sense. For example, "You need to save money in case something bad happens." or "You need to win the battle within, before you tackle external factors." or "Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself." All I have to say to these is duh, duh, and duh!

Although, I'm duh-ing (humor me), I occasionally smack my youger brothers on the head, for no reason, and still expect respect from them. Well, obviously I need something to tell me, on a regular basis: "Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself."

So, I'd like to recommend three short readings that you should read at least twice a year, until these ideas are stuck to you head.


  1. The 7 Never-to-be-Forgotten Principles of Government.
  2. Good And Bad Reasons For Believing.
  3. Simple ways to make yourself far cleverer.
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