About Me

Mom putting me to work on my first computer; an intel 286!

My name is Nash Kabbara. This is my spot on the internet and you are probably here because you want to know more about me 😀, yes?

In the last 7 years I bootstrapped and exited two businesses. As CTO, I was focused on two main metrics:

  1. Optimize the conversion of visitors into paid subscribers
  2. Maintain code quality and regularity of feature releases to our current customers

Transforming an idea into a successful software business has taught me a lot about, well, software and business, but more importantly about myself as a person. I've come to learn that well nurtured relationships are more rewarding than anything that you can buy at a store.

Currently, I do software consulting for companies that want to increase their bottom line through smarter online marketing and through building web apps that optimize their business and automate their processes. Some things that I've done repeatedly with stellar results:

  1. Extract requirements from your market subset and build marketing campaigns to increase conversion. i.e. Get you more signups.
  2. Create or enhance Rails apps to address a business requirement that you're currently wanting to improve. i.e. Develop software to make your customers and/or employees happier.
  3. Establish dev teams and put processes in place to drive the dev cycle from business idea to a production ready feature. i.e. hire devs for you and organically build processes around their skillset

Here's how I look now. I'm the one on the left.

Here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to since college:

  1. I exited ZipZoomAuto & Motors On Wheels in 2013 and now doing full time software and business consulting to help companies grow and improve.
  2. I started ZipZoomAuto, a startup to help car dealers sell more cars (and Motors On Wheels on the side to explore the domain).
    • I learned how to take an idea and turn it into a profitable business with hundreds of paying customers (basically, don't sleep).
    • I discovered that the hardest thing for a startup is hiring good people. The 2nd hardest thing is picking the right metric for your success. And the 3rd hardest thing is sticking to your metric and not getting distracted.
  3. After graduating, I got a job in the credit card processing industry that later turned into a consulting business.
    • I built systems that connected users to credit card processors.
    • I learned a lot about business because I had to represent some of my clients as CTO in high level meetings to help make deals go through.
  4. While in college I worked at a local ISP where my boss taught many things including:
    • When you fuck up, say that you fucked up. Don't sugar coat it.
    • I learned the unix (FreeBSD) command line and Cisco networking (so my boss can go fishing).
  5. I graduated in Computer Science with a minor in Math from The University of Houston in 2004.
    • I learned how one professor's passion can be contagious.
    • I got to code in assembly, C, C++, C# and do graphics programming.